FireFite Kitchen Fire Suppression System

UL300 approved Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

The FireFite Kitchen Fire Suppression System by Lehavot is an automatic pre-engineered system; designed to protect and caters to the needs of both small and large kitchens such as those in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and public institutions.

About FireFite KITCHEN Shield

Electric and gas-operated cooking appliances in the kitchen use large amounts of flammable ingredients and are in particularly high danger of ignition and fire outbreak.

The FireFite Kitchen Fire Suppression System by Lehavot is an automatic pre-engineered system; designed to protect the kitchen area including ducts and plenums, as well as all cooking appliances such as deep fat fryers, woks, griddles, salamanders, chain broilers and more.

This system caters to the needs of both small and large kitchens such as those in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and public institutions. The system can also be designed for the household hoods in residential premises.

How It Works:

  1. Nozzles are arranged to offer maximum coverage of all installations
  2. Heat detectors installed within the plenum and triggered only during fire
  3. The system distributes the extinguishing agents over all protected areas and interrupts the supply of gas or electricity
  4. Temperature detection level can be custom-suited to each application

Why FireFite Kitchen Shield ?


  • Fast detection - Quickly detects fires to minimize damage and injuries
  • Stainless Steel friendly - The extinguishing liquid has a low acid level (below pH: 9) and protecting stainless steel surfaces
  • Dual action - Simultaneously extinguishes the _re while interrupting the energy supply
  • Environmentally friendly - Water-based agent not harmful to the environment
  • Custom made solutions - Custom designing, modelling, testing, and manufacturing of fire suppression systems to meet customers’ diverse requirements
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Fast installation
  • Flexible mounting - of the discharge piping distribution
  • Simple design - of the discharge piping distribution, flexible mounting of the manual pull station and gas valve
  • Mechanical system - Does not require N2 or CO2 cylinder to operate the dry chemical agent
  • Multiple cylinder - Largest amount of cylinders (up to 6 unites) and longest distance between them in one system in the market
  • No crimping needed - inside the MR


Simple and easy to maintain system effectively protects kitchens in hotels, restaurants, and public institutions with a high risk of fire.

The system protects the duct, hood, and cooking appliance areas using a continuous cable that connects all cooking devices with strategically placed detectors. Each detector is comprised of four parts: detectors, a bracket, two "S" links, and a fusible link.

As the heat builds the fusible link will separate at a predetermined temperature relieving tension on the cable and activating the system.

  •  The system is operated automatically or manually according to customer requirements
  •  Temperature detection levels can be adjusted to suit the application
  •  Heat detectors are installed within the plenum and are triggered only during fire, while nozzles are arranged to offer

Maximum extinguishing coverage of all cooking appliances

  •  A manual pull station allows immediate response capabilities backing up the automatic suppression system
  •  The system distributes the extinguishing agent over all protected areas, while interrupting the energy supply of gas and electricity for maximum protection against re-ignition
  •  Potassium hydroxide phosphate is used to extinguish cooking oil/grease fires. Upon contact with the oil, the liquid creates foam, preventing oxygen from reaching the fire and cooling the area
  •  All system parts are attractively styled, so as not to detract from the look of the kitchen, while the design ensures that kitchen workspace is not disrupted
  • After system operation, the kitchen can be ready to be re-utilized within minutes
  • The system can be recharged and ready to work in a very short period of time after discharge.


Huge Plants for Manufacturing & Assembly

Fusible link

Melted by heat, the two halves of the link will separate operating the extinguishing agent

Detector bracket

Supporting the fusible link and the continuous cable under tension

Mechanical release module (MRM)

Accomplished when a fusible link separates in a re condition and releases tension on the cable causing a spring-loaded trigger to activate the cylinder discharge valve


Liquid agent stored under pressure when activated is transmitted through supply lines and discharged through nozzles

Manual Pull Station

Each Lehavot WCK system is equipped with at least one manual pull station

Extinguishing agent

The Lehavot extinguishing agent is based on a potassium compound that extinguishes cooking oil fires by means of cooling and saponi¬cation.

FireFite Kitchen Shield in Action