SP Approved, AIS 013S Automobile FDSS ( Fire Detection and suppression system)


FDSS (FireFite Detection and Suppression System)-GreenPulse

Fires in motor compartments can cause irreversible damage to your vehicles and extremely high damage to the passengers travelling in the vehicle. Bharati Fire Engineers offers highly specialized Detection and suppression systems for applications like electric buses, CNNG/ Diesel / Petrol 4 wheelers, hydrogen vehicles, trains, forklifts, mining trucks, bulldozers and all other heavy-duty / construction vehicles.

Ideal Fire Suppression for Vehicles must be able :

  • to enable safe evacuation of the passengers in short time
  • to detect the fire in less than 3 seconds
  • to extinguish the fire in less than 10 seconds
  • to prevent re-ignition of the fire
  • to control several bus systems such as doors, ventilation system, air conditioning, fuel, etc.
  • to provide the driver options to act

Protecting a vehicle is fighting against very difficult circumstances. Constant vibrations, high humidity and fast air ventilation are factors that should be considered. We have selected only the best components for these challenges:

A fire is always easier to extinguish in its initial stages. The longer the fire burns, the more heat is transferred to the exposed material in the area, which means that more pyrolysis and combustion occurs, and that the fire will be more difficult to extinguish.

Working Philosophy :

- The Propelled Extinguisher eliminates the requirement of pressurised vessels and cylinders, pumps and hoses, by simply creating the impulse torrent from the activation of a small powder charge in a standard cartridge and discharging it through a cylinder or barrel of predetermined caliber.

- The UL listed ABC 90% Powder and SFE internal Gas generator suppression agent will knock down the fire in seconds by directly inhibiting the chemical chain reaction of the fire.

  • The extinguishing sub-system comprises one extinguishing cylinder dispersion piping and nozzles.
  • The extinguishing agent is Purple-K 90% dry powder. Extinguisher contains 5.8Kg dry powder.
  • NON-pressurized extinguishing cylinder. The discharge force will be generated by an internal gas generator, upon extinguisher activation.
  • The extinguisher is activated by an electrical signal transmitted from the control-box.
  • An anti-recoil device for the outlet port and a cap for the electrical connector, are provided within the extinguisher, in order to prevent accidental discharge during shipping, installation and maintenance.

Detection :

Different type of vehicles require different types of detectors

These are decided based on Airflow , Fuel Type , Engine Working and Heating Characteristics, Engine Room Design , Cabin Design etc .

  • The Linear Heat Sensing Cable is specially designed for Detection of Fire.
  • Thermal Sensitive Specialised LST Cables
  • Infrared Spark and Flame Detectors
  • Smoke and multi sensing detectors


  • No need for pressurised cylinders
  • Cost effective
  • Fast extinguishing
  • Extreme durability
  • Environmental friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Minimal maintenance required

No 3 year / 5 year Pressure Testing of Cylinders required .

Military Grade Product and has the working range of -70 to + 70 Degree C


  • Engine Are of the Vehicle which includes all the connecting and moving parts
  • Fuel / Battery Area and Battery Compartments
  • Cabin Area
  • Luggage Compartment
  • Passenger Utility Compartment


Electric buses    |    Cargo trucks    |     Hydrogen cars
Trains    |    Mining trucks    |     Bulldozers    |    For lifts
Portable generators    |    Emergency power generators    |     Cranes    |    Loaders    |     All other heavy-duty vehicle


  • Scientific Partner : SP Sweden Approved and Tested
  • AIS : 0135 Approved and Tested
  • EMI / EMC : Tested and Certified as per AIS : 004 and American Standards as well
  • Chemical and Aerosol Generator : UL Certified